Introducing the Greta-te hand bag  |  your colourful little crowd-pleaser!

I am your new favourite carry-bag, made from soft latex rubber and available in a range of delicious colours.

I am versatile and can be easily dressed up or down, check out some of my looks in my gallery.

You can take me with you to the beach or pool, on your yacht, or we can just hang out at the cafe.

I love going out with cocktail dresses, long and short. I can match your shoes and be the quirky detail in your evening ensemble, or I can be conversation starter at the weekend breakfast with friends.

Some of my new owners have started collecting me in all colours and styles!

I've been told I make great gifts, for friends or yourself ;)

Oh, and I love selfies! So please make sure you snap a pic of us together and share our adventures:  #mygretate on @mygretate

So, let’s hang out!